Three years on

So here we are, three years on and the ruthless slaughter in Syria continues unabated.
When I was blown up in Syria two years ago, losing my good friends and colleagues, Marie
Colvin and Remi Ochlik, the death toll stood at 8000. Many journalist, Syrian and foreign
alike, have since given their lives to show the slaughter taking place. Never in my wildest
dreams could I imagine a death toll reaching near on 200,000 thousand, with many more
Injured and millions displaced.

I was injured in Baba Amr, Homs, and warned that once it fell, it would not be the end of
the slaughter, but the beginning of a systematic campaign that would spread through the
country. I am mortified that I was right, I wish I had been wrong.

The people of Syria have been butchered by their own government, however the Assad regime
could not have pursued their chosen route alone. Vladimir Putin has provided munitions, heavy
weapons and technical support, as has Iran. They are complicit in the murder of civilians and should be
held to account when any day of reckoning occurs.

Most lamentable of all is, that despite having full knowledge, the world has been shamed by its
inactivity on Syria. It’s a sad indictment, that in three years, no action by any government, has
succeeded in saving the life of a single human being in Syria. A collective shame on all our houses.


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