Chemical attacks Syria: updates from direct source on the ground in Damascus

Info direct from contacts in Damascus: Modamaya district 6am today: constant shelling with mortars, artillery and rockets armed with chemical warheads. Currently 12,000 trapped in neighbourhood with a deadline to flee by 7am tomorrow. Bombardment continues.

Ghouta al Sharia area: Artillery and chemical attacks. 700 confirmed dead as of 2pm today. Estimated 1300 as of 6pm and, at the rate they are finding bodies, it is estimated by contact on the ground that the death toll could rise up to 3000. Shelling continues to hamper recovery of bodies trapped under the rubble.

Multiple sources indicate the involvement of Liwa Abu al-Fadhal al-Abbas in the attack although this is unconfirmed at the time of writing.


2 thoughts on “Chemical attacks Syria: updates from direct source on the ground in Damascus

  1. When I first got news of this early afternoon, I was like “ah shit. Is this the deal-breaker?”
    Horrific that it has occurred.
    It’s going to be interesting to see hear what the USG will say and how they will respond noting Obama’s seemingly flexible red line on chemical weapons.
    What’s your thoughts, Paul?

    • More dithering I expect. Proof that chemical weapons have been deployed was obtained by French journo’s and confirmed by UK and French. Apparently that wasn’t enough proof for US. I fear red line will get thinner and thinner till it can’t be seen and that Obama must be kicking himself for evoking it as a game changer….

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